Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tons to do and not enough time

I got the job I was hoping for, yay! It starts a week from Monday - right after flying in on a red-eye from the Mundials. It's temporary with the hope that I will get the permanent position, but may have other options just in case that doesn't work out. Thank GOD because I'm running out of money.

The swim lessons have helped, I've taught two so far and have three more before I go out of town. It's enough to just keep me afloat. :)

This morning I drove up to my parents' house to get their dolly for moving Ryan out tomorrow. We thought we'd get the uhaul all weekend but turns out we have to give it back and rent another one to move out my stuff on Sunday, then we move into the new place Monday. I can't wait, the new complex has a pool AND a hot tub! And it's spitting distance to Starbucks. Bonus!

After driving back from Maryland, I trained this afternoon with Ryan, Luis Pantoja (Yamasaki Brown Belt) and Quang (my favorite training partner). We did a bunch of 8 minute rounds since Luis and Ryan have 8 minute matches at the Worlds - it'll make my 6 min rounds seem easy! Haha!

After that I drove to Fairfax for my wrestling lesson, it was really really hot in that room today. My t-shirt was soaked half-way through our time. But coach was happy with our progress today, which is good because we got a speech last week and I don't want to get one of those again. Ever.

After that it was off to teach an hour swim lesson in Alexandria then back up to Arlington for evening practice. Whew! (At least I took 10 minutes to sit in the hot tub at the pool and attempt to relax, that was nice)

This whole new job thing, plus being broke, plus moving, plus training for Worlds is not easy. Lol!

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