Thursday, May 27, 2010

Too tired to eat

This title should actually be taken quite literally.

I am, right now, simply too tired to eat.

My legs feel like they are on fire, my back feels like I was dropped onto it from at least one story up, my shoulders and hips feel swollen, and I can't bend my fingers.

Yep, it's clearly about that time of year again...MUNDIAL TIME!!!!

I haven't posted much recently because I've been super busy. The gym is growing exponentially, practically by the week. The women's class is now up to having regularly 4-6 students and this past Sunday for the first we actually had SEVEN of all our own female white belts! The coolest part though is that with our regular participants we can divide into 3 weight classes for training: the under 120lb group, the 125-140lb group and the over (albeit barely) 140lb group. How incredibly perfect is that??? AND we expect two new female white belts (both already have some training) to move to the area from other states and start with us this summer. Wouldn't it be cool if we were up to 15 women by the end of the summer??? That is my biggest wish!

On top of increased gym responsibilities, work has been very busy lately, but I won't bore you with the details. I'm looking into the VA career switch program to become an elementary or middle school teacher so that I have better hours for training and so that I am able to start a kids class, which would eventually solidify myself a full-time position at the gym. But I have to take the Praxis Exam the day of Bruno's seminar to get into the program. Boo! :(

Also, I started going to Yoga once a week a few weeks ago to help with weakness in my hips and knee. It seems to be working and after the Mundial, I plan to start going twice a week because I have found that I really enjoy it. I'd go more right now, but between work and training, I'm also trying to run/lift 3x per week - although this week I haven't had time to do so even once so far. This is why I need a new job, the one I have doesn't allow for enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do.

But I am as ready as I can be and have a week to solidify a few more things before the big event. Can't wait!!!!

p.s. Ryan is getting some of his last few days of hard training at Marcelo Garcias (from today through Saturday). He is sooo freaking lucky! And I'm super jealous!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bruno Frazatto & Michelle Nicolini Seminar Weekend (June 12-13)

Fifty/50 BJJ is so excited to have Bruno Frazatto and Michelle Nicolini visiting in June following the Mundial!

In addition to their seminars, Bruno and Michelle are available for private lessons! Don't miss this opportunity!!!