Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Fifty/50 promotes it's first female student!!

The ladies are moving in!

Multiple times over the last few weeks we've had as many as 11 women on the mat at one time for class. A couple times we've even had more women on the mat than men! Oh yeah!

We have officially reached my summer goal of having 15 female students on the team!!! Now I'm working towards 20. ;) We have 3 women currently participating in the one week free trial that we offer all prospective students and I have 2 more pretty secure prospects who have trained before, I just don't know when they will actually be able to sign up. If all of them really come in, I'll have my 20 ladies!!


Ryan promoted our first female student to blue belt this past Sunday after she put on a GREAT showing at the US Grappling tournament in Richmond on Saturday. Tammy entered the intermediate nogi division and won against a blue belt her size then had to go up a weight class since there was no one her size in the white belt division and she easily took that division as well, showing without any doubt that she was ready for the move to blue.

Three of our ladies competed at that tournament and I'm hoping to have at least 6 competing by the next one in October. About half of our women are less than 120lbs so they have a great training experience and this will help them all push each other. We are attempting to recruit more "normal size" women as Megan (one of my students) calls them. So if you are normal size (i.e. over 120lbs and not a midget like myself) we want YOU too! Lol! But more midgets are always welcome. ;)

I couldn't be more excited for the future of our program!!! :)