Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 Mundial Women's Brown/Black Review

I watched the Budovideos live feed from home this year since I couldn't compete due to injuries. :(

And the ladies sure shook things up!!

Full review here...
Women's Brown/Black Belt Play-by-play

The women’s divisions did not disappoint this year! The feeling on the budovideos chat log was that the women’s division finals were much more interesting than the men’s. These ladies came out to fight and by all appearances were not satisfied to squeak out a win by advantages if they could help it. Whether the match actually ended by submission, points, or ref’s decision, it was clear that each woman on the mat was playing for keeps.

* Please note that they didn’t show all of the women’s matches so I don’t have exact play-by-play for all of them other than the finals.
Gezary Matuda Kubis finished her first two opponents (Tove Sodersten and Claudia Martinez) by triangle/armlock and armlock respectively to meet up with Leticia who had a bye first round before besting her first opponent on the way to her match with Gezary. Leticia and Gezary battled it out with Leticia coming out ahead 8-6. On the other side of the bracket, Nyjah Easton bested her first 2 opponents before beating Jennifer Sutingco by a large point margin in the semifinals.

The final pitted the experienced black belt and reigning champion, Leticia Ribeiro versus Brown Belt, Nyjah Easton. Nyjah quickly pulled guard at the opening of the match. After a long stalemate, Leticia finally forced her to open and Nyjah quickly switched to De La Riva Guard. Leticia managed to secure 3 points for a pass before Nyjah exploded with a bridge and managed to roll Leticia over. Leticia managed to base out and in the scramble land back on top. Nyjah was able to secure a sweep to give her 2 points towards the end and the match ended 3-2 in favor of the current champion, Leticia Ribeiro. Read More Here

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fifty/50's First Student Mundial a GIRL!!!

I just found out from my doctor last night that I tore my LCL (more later), but today, I don't care. Because I am so happy for Megan!

Megan Lomonof is the first student from Fifty/50 since we opened our doors in January 2009 to medal at the BJJ World Championships! Congrats to Megan for her Bronze medal in the Women's Blue Belt Lightweight Division!

Megan has worked so hard and definitely deserved this! She started training BJJ in December 2009 and was promoted to blue belt in February 2011 after winning the White/Blue Belt Division at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in NJ. On top of being a beast at BJJ, Megan is a highly accomplished musician, playing the flute and piccolo for the United States Army. And she bought her first bikini and sundress the other day! So it's a win all around this week for her! :)

Good luck in the absolute tomorrow chica! And good luck to Kenny and Ostap as they fight their divisions tomorrow as well!