Thursday, May 14, 2009


I think I forgot what it was like to train hard for a tournament, having not done it in so long. I forgot the sheer amount of exhaustedness (is that even a word? It should be...)

I am in constant varying states of pain, soreness, stiffness, and just plain old tiredness at all moments from every limb and joint in my body. Sometimes I don't want to go to training. It's difficult to drag myself in and work hard against people a lot bigger than me everyday (let alone twice a day). Luckily yesterday we went to Richmond and I got to train with another small person and with another girl. I felt good post training in the afternoon but after driving back up here, I was in no mood to train again last night. It is leglock/footlock month though so it was an interesting class of course. I learned a good defense to a heel hook that I hadn't seen before. And rolled with a couple of the guys at the end of class. Then crawled home to bed.

Today I opted to skip morning class and hang out at the house and do laundry. But I have to go to wrestling practice soon and then training again after that. My mind and body both would like a break from training, but we need to keep pushing hard for a few more weeks. It's starting to feel less like fun and more like work, but I know this is only temporary. After the Mundial, I will take a well earned vacation from training...well except for wrestling classes, I'll still go to them. :)

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  1. I think the words your looking for are... fatigue, lethergy, burnout, exhaustion. ;)

    I hear ya, I'm tired tooooo


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