Thursday, May 7, 2009


I survived! Our first week of official Competition Team Practices are over and I don't feel anywhere near as tired or sore as I thought I would (not saying I don't feel sore at all - just better than expected)...AND we even did the Danny Ives special "Super Legs" Set after Comp Team tonight which was after our regular practice (all stand up today taught by Anthony) and before that earlier today I wrestled with one of the high school girls for 2 hours...the most amazing thing is that I am still standing, haha! (Although, in reality I'm not sure I would have made it through today if not for my 20 minute massage yesterday at the awesome place across from the gym, lol.)

So I am officially signed up to wrestle (aka drill, learn, and pretend I'm a real wrestler) twice a week with the ladies from now through August! Woohoo! In just three practices my stand-up has already progressed at a completely ridiculous rate. It definitely pays to learn from not just a REAL wrestling coach (and not a bjj coach who learned from someone else and is trying to pass it on) but a real wrestling coach who has both competed at AND successfully coached male and female wrestlers to very high levels. Total sweetness!

Tomorrow, unfortunately, I have to miss evening training to go teach a swim class in Maryland so I plan to get in a good LONG cardio and lifting workout earlier in the day. No, this is not something I would usually do before a tournament but the tournament this Saturday is just a warm-up for the big deal in a month anyway. (And no one in my weight class at blue belt or above is expected...surprise of surprises I'll probably have to compete up in weight again (and perhaps belt rank), but it's not so bad because I'm a little fat right now anyway - 115 tonight after practice - ugh, lol!)

As a side note: Ryan and Brendan went out to Vegas to join up with Cameron Diffley as part of "Team Guard Pullers" to compete against "Team Takedown" in a pro match-up at Grapplers Quest on Saturday. Kick butt, baby!

p.s. Our new website has been moved off the development site to it's new home and will be launched online officially sometime tomorrow! Thanks, Erik!! Your design skills are amazing! Check us out soon at: Fifty/50 BJJ

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