Saturday, May 9, 2009

Retrospect - Not Sure It Would've Helped

I'm debating a few issues in my head right now. So my last post was on Thursday night after a super hard practice and lots of hard practice this week (around 5 hours that day alone). I'm now debating whether or not this was a good idea...

Of COURSE I know that one day post-hard workout is painful but two days post-hard workout is actually awful. How I seemed to forget this Thursday night is beyond me. However, I am struggling desperately to reconcile the two different ideas going through my head tonight.

The first is that I was so sore today, my muscles were so fatigued from training this week, that I couldn't seem to make them (my muscles) do what I wanted during my matches - this was not a good thing for competing in the tournament today, and I definitely paid for it in my results.

But the other side of the issue is, what am I training for right now? The Copa Nova? Nope. The answer is the Mundial. And in order to be in top shape for the Mundial, I needed to work very hard this week and for the next 3 weeks. According to that timeline, I couldn't afford a week off hard training. Therefore, I shouldn't be too frustrated about today's matches.

And yet I am extremely frustrated! I know some of the other guys were hurting today too and it showed in our slowness and our inability to move the way we wanted/saw ourselves moving in our heads. This was not the kind of sore where your cardio is failing you, this was the kind of sore where you so overtrained that no muscle in your body seems capable of movement, no matter how hard you want it to go. On the one hand, you feel really good about all the hard work it takes to get your body to this stage, and on the other, you want to punch yourself in the face for thinking super legs "wasn't so bad after all". It wasn't...until approximately 24 hours later.

As I type this, I can still feel the heat coming from the muscles in my legs - hours after competing. I need one of those ice baths I used to stick my legs in after field hockey in college when I had shin splints. Lol!

The only plus side is that this was the second tournament in a row where I did not have an issue with my asthma. This was the first time my muscles have been able to get this fatigued in a very long time, in fact my lungs usually give out WAY before the rest of my body. Bonus! (I have to take my small victories.)

I'll try to post one or more of my videos once I have them converted so my Mac can see the files and upload them. I love my Mac but what is it's issue with mini discs?

I need some sleep to attempt a brief physical recovery before wrestling practice tomorrow...

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