Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Life catching up!

Life can be such a pain sometimes. Today (or the next two weeks) is one of those times.

Why is it that every time you think you have all your bills covered, another 2 or 3 other expenses pop up? I feel like I can never get ahead. I really hope I get a full-time job (not just helping with the gym) fast!

I'm trying to juggle training for the Mundials, hoping I can actually GO considering I will (hopefully) have just started a new job, worried because I can't pay all of my bills (even with Ryan helping me - I just don't want him to give me as much as I need, I like to carry my own weight), needing to pack up all my stuff because I'm supposed to move out of my house the weekend before I leave for the Mundials. Also, that weekend I have a surprise B-day party on Sat after teaching the women's class in the early afternoon. Sun I have my last wrestling class before the tournament and a baby shower. I have to move my stuff out of my house by Sunday at the latest but can't move in until Monday and have to manage moving in between a full day of work and BJJ class at night.

I am officially going insane with all this happening at once. Where are the money gods to just drop me a $1000 during the night? I'd play the lottery but I don't have enough money...Lol!

Okay, back to packing up all my belongings (and hopefully throwing a good amount out).

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