Friday, May 1, 2009

More wrastlin'!

Today was my second wrestling practice. This time there was only one other girl there and she is MY SIZE! Woohoo!

I am sure my legs are getting stronger by the minute from constantly being in a wrestling stance. No more need for Danny Ives' special "Super Legs" class, lol! (Miss you Danny!)

Today we spent a lot of time on hand fighting. I am making a lot of mistakes still but at least I'm starting to recognize steps. =)

I really enjoy the coach's style. He believes that women's wrestling is 20 years behind men's wrestling because women are treated like women instead of like wrestlers in the wrestling room. Therefore, he treats us like wrestlers. We are learning to take away any female timidity and DEMAND a grip or a position. That wrist is MINE...and you are not going to get it back. Lol!

He is a perfectionist. And it's exactly what I enjoy. Almost every single grip/shot/throw needs to be adjusted for one reason or another and he demands that we perform as proficiently as any man he instructs...and I love it!

I will go back on Sunday afternoon and I can't wait already! I love BJJ but I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. There is definitely something to be said for training with someone your size.

Oooo people my size reminds me that we drove down to Richmond yesterday and I got to train with Lo and Liz! Hopefully, my new job won't start until after next Wednesday so I can go back again next week and train!

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