Sunday, July 12, 2009

Women's Open Mat at Balance

The East Coast Women's BJJ Open Mat Series is growing! There were 28 women ALL SIZES - ALL BELT LEVELS. It was hot and crowded on the mats and amazingly awesome! I drove up with Mary Anne and unfortunately we ran into traffic so arrived a bit late, but even though I didn't have enough time to roll with everyone I wanted, we had a ton of fun! My Catfight Gear gi came in the mail yesterday so during training I was sporting a super bright pink gi - as Elaine said - I looked like a peep (you know the Easter marshmallow candy). LOL!

I finally had the chance to roll with Elaine and with Anahi (twice) among a few others. And Mary Anne got her first legit submission EVER so I was very happy for her! She is really coming along quickly now that she's able to train more than once a week. After training, 15 or so of us headed out for dinner and chatting. It was nice to hang out with everyone after training for awhile and catch up before driving back home last night. I already can't wait for the next open mat!

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  1. Oh god the gi looks even pinker in pictures! It was great to finally get to roll with you. I'll have to make it down to DC very soon to take a class at 50/50. I've been really wanting to do that :)


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