Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Still Fat But Feeling Better

OMG I'm getting FAT. No seriously, it's time to take up cardio and weight training again to get back in shape. I can actually see pudge around my abs. This has GOT to go. I did train a little harder on Sat, Sun, and Mon, but not so much last night. (Last night was the first closed guard night I think we have ever had at Fifty/50 - which probably surprises anyone who knows who Ryan Hall is, lol!)

But it's difficult to feel like training hard on Tues/Thurs nights because I wrestle for an hour and a half after work. Tatiana is back from Puerto Rico so there were 3 of us ladies wrestling together! They are getting ready for some big national wrestling tournament so for the first time we actually wrestled FULL speed - albeit for only 20-30 seconds at a time. I think yesterday was perfect for beginning to integrate my wrestling directly into BJJ because after taking them down coach had me go right into BJJ moves while they were going into wrestling holds for points when they got it to the ground. I really appreciate coach's effort to only teach me what is relevant for BJJ.

One of the girls that visited about a week ago emailed me to say that she wants to sign up so I'm excited to get her in! Missy came in to train for the first time this Saturday and it was so nice to roll with a purple belt my size (well actually she's a little smaller - can you believe it??). She said she'll try to make it in a couple times a month. Rosie from Yamasaki also visited this weekend. I love having new people to roll with! This weekend is the Women's Open Mat at Balance in Philadelphia and I'm super excited to go up there!!!

I finally got a couple pics from the belt promotion (aka Felipe Costa seminar). I'm not sure if you can tell on the small photos that I look like death in the first couple, lol!

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