Friday, July 10, 2009


So Ryan left for the beach this morning and I wish he was still here. I seem to miss that guy for some reason :)

I went to wrestling last night then followed it up with BJJ class. The girls are leaving for their tournament but luckily coach is still in town for one more week so I will work with him one on one at least once and maybe twice next week. Anthony started teaching a wrestling class once a week at the gym and I am very impressed with how many of the students are taking the class. We are going to have James come in and give a clinic when he gets back from the H.S. tournament.

Finally got off my ass and went for a run today. It wasn't as bad as expected - despite the fact that I think my inhaler is empty, lol. I need to refill them because after tomorrow morning I'm out of advair (proventil already running low). Not a good thing.

Women's Open Mat is tomorrow. Yay! Have to drive to Philly for it. Boo! But still Yay!

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  1. Who's Cai-lin BTW ???? :) Anyway, Congrats on your success since you joined your bf's school :)


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