Monday, July 13, 2009

Calling All Female BJJ Practitioners!!!

If you haven't heard, the ladies in the Mid-East U.S. started a Women Only BJJ Open Mat series in July 2007. This has been an informal series of open mats alternately hosted by varying academies in VA, MD, and PA areas so far. We try to host one every few months but have had so much interest lately that we've held a session about once a month for the last 3 months. Usually about 20-30 women of all belt and weight categories show up (that's more women than sign up for most tournaments!)

Ladies have been asking me to keep them updated with open mats and it seems that frequently some women miss out because they didn't hear about one in enough time. So I am putting together a contact list. Everyone will be bcc'd to keep all of your inboxes from filling with reply-all's. This will be an informative distro list ONLY.

This is my attempt at notifying each woman of:
1. Upcoming FEMALE open mats
2. FEMALE given seminars
3. Any camps/tournaments specifically for FEMALES

It will NOT be for:
1. Chatting back and forth - there are a bunch of forums for this online
2. Promoting one club over others - No politics here!
3. Spamming about every single tournament/event going on in the BJJ community (ONLY for things specifically designed to promote FEMALES in the sport)

I will not use this distro list for any other reason and will not release anyone's email without their express permission.

Leave me a comment with your email address or send me a note at if you would like to be included!

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  1. This is AWESOME! Thank you so much for doing this. I am a blue belt in BJJ. For the longest time I was the only girl at my school (not counting the several who trained for a day or few weeks and never came back) now there are two of us who train consistently-yea! My dream is to someday have enough women at our school to have a women's-only class. I have seen the women's open mat times on several forums but usually don't find out about them in time to attend. So please, please add me to your email list! I would definitely drive to northern VA (from Charlotte, NC) if I knew in advance when the open mat would be. My email address is:

    Right now I am still recovering from knee surgery. I blew out my knee rolling and have been out for 5 months now : ( but I am hoping to be back in class next month....I might not be able be able to roll for a while but hopefully in April I will be able to come and work technique or roll lightly. Just to be back on the mat will be wonderful!!!

    Take care,



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