Thursday, January 21, 2010

Women's Grappling Camp

I'm getting ready to pack and catch a few hours of sleep before getting on the supershuttle to Dulles (it picks my up at 4am...ugh!).

I'll fly through San Francisco to Burbank, CA and from there drive down to LA where I'll weigh in for Gracie Nationals. Then I'm dropping in to New Breed for their 6pm class to work out my post-flight kinks by training with Johnny and team.

Ryan has decided he will take a break from training with Cooper and Glover to come down and coach me on Saturday and Sunday before heading back! Yay! Then I'll be on my way to Valencia, CA for the Women's Grappling Camp! I can't WAIT to train with all the ladies from Mon-Wed! I can't take the whole week off work but I'm sure I will have an absolute blast the three days I will be there. =)

Fun BJJ times ahead this week! Woohoo!!!!!


  1. Johnny and the guys at New Breed are awesome, good luck with the tournament and everything!

  2. Sounds fun! Be safe and enjoy it!!


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