Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ryan Hall Takes on Tokyo

Ryan leaves tomorrow morning to begin a tour of BJJ schools in California before heading to Tokyo to compete in a grappling Superfight in Deep-X! Ryan is excited to take his first trip to Asia and experience the Japanese MMA climate.

But first he will spend a week at Paragon training with Jeff Glover and Bill Cooper. Then he will visit Paul Schreiner and has plans to offer a seminar at Kaijin MMA (Paul and Garth Taylor's school) the following weekend. He also hopes to make it out to train with Darren Uyenoyama at his gym in San Francisco before hopping the 14 hour flight to Tokyo. Good luck, Babe!

Hopefully, Ryan will be able to pause in his training for a quick visit down to LA to coach me at Gracie Nationals next weekend. I am flying out on Friday morning and plan to train at New Breed in LA Friday night, then compete Saturday and Sunday before driving to Valencia for the first 3 days of the Women's Grappling Camp at Big John McCarthy's. I am super excited at the opportunity to train with a bunch of women, especially all the awesome brown and black belts who will be in attendance! I can't wait to get my butt kicked and come away with a ton of new things to work on. The training at Fifty/50 is great but training with a bunch of guys...even small not as realistic for competition as training with women. Bring on the ladies!!!! =)

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  1. Cool! Be sure to keep us posted on how Ryan goes!
    Kind Regards


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