Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night's class was great! We just instituted a brand new schedule and the results are already showing themselves among the students.

The first class I went to was the marathon roll class (now shortened to a half hour). I thought I was going to be able to go easy in the first round of 6 minute matches but Quang came out of the gate pretty hard. Usually he's good for the first warm-up roll, but I guess he was still upset about losing his last match this weekend. Then I rolled with Ryan, he's trying to make a point to roll with me at least once every day because we realized the other day that we hadn't trained together in at least 3 weeks even though we're at the gym together every day, lol! Also, I had a bunch of great rolls with Brian, my favorite training partner. The whole room seemed charged up, I think we were feeling the effects of being at the tournament this weekend - either psyched to train hard for future competitions or pissed and wanting to train hard to get out the anger. It was fantastic!

Then Ryan Beauregard (in from AZ for the Brown Belt Division at the Copa Nova) and Demitri Chrisos (local brown belt instructor) dropped in to train during the advanced class, so I also got to get in a roll with Ryan Beauregard - which was neat. I hadn't really interacted with him before but he was super cool and made a point to roll with every person in the room before leaving. Even though he's ginormous compared to me, it's always fun to roll with new high level guys.

I got stuck at work late tonight (ugh) and missed the early classes, then skipped advanced class to go home and work on a few things, do laundry, and have dinner ready for when Ryan came home. I'm so domestic...well sorta...we still have our Christmas decorations up. ;)

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