Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day Blues

Ryan left me alone Valentine's Day, so he could go teach a seminar in Reno, Nevada. 

I was slightly annoyed that he scheduled the seminar without checking the date. But I was WAY more annoyed when I found out the gym he went to has 30 women in their BJJ program! 

I couldn't be more jealous right now of Ryan for being able to train with a bunch of women. 

(Funny that only a BJJ chick would actually be jealous of her boyfriend for having the opportunity to roll around on a mat with other women and not be jealous of the fact that other women are rolling around on a mat with her man. What a twisted world, huh? Lol!)

I have to find a way to recruit that many women for my program NOW. 

Recruiting away! =)

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