Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Missed my workout last night :(

I teach swimming on Monday nights and hurried back to the gym afterwards to get in a good run and workout before it closes since I can't train hard til my finger heals. I decided to drop by the BJJ class before my workout and look in. I've never seen so many people in there! So I asked Ryan if he needed me to stay and help since there were so many brand new people. I missed my workout. :(

BUT, I did get one roll in. The guy was going fairly easy (I do have a broken finger) until Bill stopped him and whispered something. Bill won't tell me what he said but all of a sudden the guy started going super hard...until I triangled him.

Apparently, those flyers at the UFC on Saturday really worked! We had a bunch of new people in the room and two officially signed up immediately! I think a couple of the others will probably end up signing up by the end of the week as well. This is awesome! (And I think we need to buy more mats)

I love BJJ!!!

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