Friday, February 20, 2009

Female Positivity

So I was training with Shanna the other night....and DAMN she is getting good fast! I can't wait to see her compete in a few weeks. Same with Hollie, I actually have to work pretty hard to get her off of me when she gets to start in mount. Hopefully, we can convince Hollie to enter the US Grappling in April, by then she'd have almost 3 full months of BJJ!

We had another woman come by last night who is interested in signing up. She had some training in BJJ at a Krav Maga school in Falls Church, so at least she wouldn't be starting completely from scratch. Hopefully, she comes in to try an actual class soon! (She seemed excited so I'm crossing my fingers.)

Phalexx (otherwise known as Alley, lol) from Jeff Gordon's is planning to drop in tomorrow, Chrissy is planning to come up from Richmond next weekend to train, and Nikki is planning a trip out the weekend after and may drop in to train! This is awesome!!

BJJ Chicas UNITE!!!! :)


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  2. Cailin-- I also blued after training for 6 months (was promoted by Relson) and I'd like to read more about what it was like for you to compete as a new blue, when it sounds like you felt as I currently do-- meaning I don't feel like I merit the promotion, I am constantly struggling with whitebelt guys and even the two tough whitebelt chicas in my academy. I appreciate it!


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