Friday, September 2, 2011

New Female Black Belt at Fifty/50!!

Well she's not exactly new to her belt. Or new to us for that matter. BUUUUTTT I am so excited to announce that BJJ Black Belt Valorie Worthington (of famed blog BJJ Vision Quest) is moving to Arlington, VA next week to join our team! Well, actually, to be fair, she is starting her journey next week, but it will take her over a week to arrive since she is driving across the country. :)

So much awesomeness. Because a. She's awesome b. she's smart c. she's a female who will be around so it won't just be me and the guys all the time anymore d. she's a black belt e. she's on our team and gonna be here all the time and f. she's gonna be staying with me at least for the month that Ryan is in Europe for ADCC and seminars (I hate being home alone)!!! Woohoo!!!


  1. Cool - another excellent reason for me to visit Virginia (the other two major ones being Chrissy and Leslie) :D

    Also looking forward to seeing Ryan Hall at the ADCC. I assume he's doing a UK seminar, so hopefully I'll find a way to make that.

  2. Man, that's AWESOME. Val is super cool. I loved getting to work with her briefly in Cali, and since I have family in Virginia, I hope it won't be the last time!

    Yes, more motivation to set aside some training time in Virginia... Chrissy, Leslie, Val, Jen... :)


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