Friday, April 29, 2011

The Mundials are out...

Once again I will miss the Mundials due to injury. :(

After asking me if I could do a couple positions/movements this past Saturday, to which my answer was "no", Ryan informed me that I couldn't participate in the Mundials. I cried again. Dammit. I've spent over 3 months rehabbing, adding strength and conditioning, everything I could to push myself to make it back in time for the World Championships. I really thought I could make it. I was so frustrated when I was told there was no way. And the worst part is, I can't really argue with the assessment. What do you do when your coach asks you to do a simple technique and you can't?

You see, I've been training and hard too, so no one realized how much trouble I was still having in some positions...because, well, I just avoided those positions at all cost. But Ryan is right, there are too many I have to avoid because of my hip and what if I can't avoid them. Then what? But knowing that doesn't make me feel better at all.

How do you stay motivated to work hard when you know you won't be able to compete against people your size and level for FIVE months? The curse of being small means that local tournaments never have people in your division. And now it will be a full year from my last competition until the next. Especially, as I probably wouldn't even be able to think about entering divisions against bigger people for another few months as well. Being injured sucks. And healing, but not quickly enough sucks too. Ugh.

But to keep from being too negative, even though it cuts into my training time, I've really enjoyed teaching all the classes while the guys are in Toronto competing at Grapplers Quest. It's exhausting to be on the whole time, especially yesterday, but it's really cool to see the progress the students are making. Also, it looks like our numbers are back up for the women's class. The ladies were a little irregular in their attendance for a few weeks for various reasons and it's nice to see a bunch of them back in regularly again. We got up to 11 in one class last week and 9 in one this week. So fun!! :)

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