Monday, April 11, 2011

iPhone...sending BJJ technical instructions from Abu Dhabi

I miss Ryan. And on top of this I hate being home alone, I'm used to noise all the time and I just cannot sleep when it's quiet. Consequently, I haven't slept well since he left. I'm perpetually tired all day, yet unable to fall asleep at night. Tonight I plan to leave the TV on all night and see if keeps a low hum at an appropriate decibel for me to sleep soundly. Fingers crossed...

This hasn't been an easy weekend. Ryan's grandmother passed away last week, the night before he left for Abu Dhabi. He was going to stay home, but his mom thought he should still leave to compete at the World Pro. Trying to stand in for him as best I could, I went to the wake on Sunday and the funeral today. This was a side of his family that I haven't met as often as the other side so, as I was recounting the last two days' conversations to Ryan via Facebook chat, I kept confusing him by getting names mixed up, lol. Plus, he was chatting using his iPhone so there was a huge delay from message to message, making things more confusing when there was a question, haha. :)

Ryan's bummed about his performance this past weekend in the higher weight class at the nogi tournament and by losing to Vagner Rocha by advantage in the absolute, but he's getting good training in with Murilo Santana this week and looks to perform better back in his regular weight class this coming weekend. He's also looking forward to the arrival of our student, Megan Lomonof, who flew out today to Abu Dhabi, where she will compete in the women's white/blue belt division. She's been working hard and I know she will make us proud, regardless of the actual outcome. Good luck to them both!!!

Btw - You know you are addicted to BJJ when your boyfriend/coach is sending you instructions for how to do a particular sweep using FB chat on his iPhone from the other side of the world, lol! (This was going on in between my messages describing my day with his family. I guess we are a strange couple...)

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  1. You're a great couple! It's a blessing to have something like bjj that you both can share. No doubt training has made my family's bond stronger.


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