Friday, September 3, 2010

Up to 17 Female Students!!!

Quickly approaching 20% of our currently active and paying students are female!!

So I'm curious, is there another academy anywhere with 17 (18 counting me) women training BJJ in any single academy location???

I know there are big teams with women training primarily at different locations, schools that open their women's training sessions to ladies from other academies, etc. But are we the biggest women's BJJ team on the East Coast? In the USA? The World?? Or just in the state of Virginia? :) Please chime in if you KNOW your academy has more than 18 women currently training full-time in one spot!

I am so amazed at how quickly this sport is growing for the females. Hopefully, one day we too will compete in divisions upwards of 50 people at the Worlds! Keep up the hard work, ladies! And continue spreading the word to your female friends about how awesome jiu-jitsu is!!!


  1. Wow, that is fantastic! I wish we had that many women! We have 10-12 women who train, but of that only 5 train regularly.

  2. We only have 2 adult women, including myself. Hopefully we can grow that! You guys are inspiring.

  3. my 14 year old daughter,has been training bjj for 6 years and her dream is to start teaching in schools and to get young girls to join her in the beautiful art or bjj,keep up the good work.

    youtube:novavida manchester bjj/tia in white gi

  4. Thanks ladies! Good luck to all of you at your academies!!! :)

    @ Family Mat-ters - I started with just one woman so it is TOTALLY possible to build that number! Just keep working on it. :)


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