Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fifty/50 women's program adds 3rd day of training

Our 18th student took her first class today. Woohoo!!

Ryan and I are excited to announce that we will add a THIRD class per week for our women's program starting in October!!

When we started the program in January 2009, we usually had one or two students showing up to one class per week. In the end of October last year we added our second day and averaged about 4 students per class. And now going into 3 classes per week we are averaging about 8 women a class and the most we've had in one class at a time is 11! I am so happy with the growth in the program to date but I can't wait until the day that we have a single class with 20 women - all Fifty/50 students. That will be the day when I know our efforts have come to fruition.

Ladies, sign up soon because starting in October we are reducing the discount that women currently have when they join Fifty/50 since we are no longer a small minority. (Would you believe that once in a while Fifty/50 even has regular basics classes with more women than men in them?)

LUV IT! =)


  1. Good GOD, Irish!!! That is just simply AMAZING!!! I look forward to dropping by to one of your classes and getting to train with so many women!!! I will definitely try to bring Barb down from MD to check one out.

  2. Keep the discount! If it's working, why change it? :)

    But really--I am curious as to why you will change it if it's been working. Definitely not a criticism but a genuine inquiry.

    How much of a discount have you been giving the ladies? How much will you?

    My school offers around $10 discount per month to women.

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Julia, we currently offer a 10% discount off our regular rates for women. But since we no longer need to make exceptions because we have plenty of women in the program, we'll be dropping it to a 5% discount starting in October. Our women's program is a separate program and cheaper than the regular program so women still have plenty of options.


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