Saturday, August 29, 2009

Overworked and Undertrained

OMG I just realized that I haven't posted in almost a month!

I worked over 50 hours last week and almost 60 hrs this week (16 hrs just in one day). Especially this week, I've been so tired by the time I got home, the boys (Darren U was out from Cali helping Ryan train for ADCC) were lucky I cooked dinner, no way could I have physically trained (other than Monday before it got really bad at work).

Although I still feel drained, I am looking forward to teaching the women's class today and training some. Ugh my lungs are probably shot too - and they were just getting back into shape before shit hit the fan at work. Time to begin gearing up for GQ in Sept.

I forgot to give a wrap up of ADCC Northeast Regionals, I've been so busy. Well, I'm going to Nationals next year but only because no one my weight class (or the one above me) showed up. I had to jump up to Under 145lbs, giving up 30lbs. Then in the absolute my first fight was against a chick who's probably close to 160lbs. When I had her in an armbar, she stood, lifted me up above her waist and intentionally slammed me into the mat. Oops, forgot that was legal in ADCC.

Thanks to tons of breakfall practicing over the years, I kept my head from hitting the mat on the first hit (although it bounced after that, the damage had been mitigated). My arm/elbow seemed to take the brunt of it. I thought it might be broken at first it hurt so bad but turns out it was just mat burn so bad that two weeks later it still hasn't healed (but the monster bruise finally did) AND I was wearing a long sleeve rash guard. How do you get mat burn through a long sleeve rash guard and not from being dragged, but from an impact?

Anyway, I guess it worked out okay that I was so busy at work since my arm took so long to heal. The mat burn is still there but now I can put my elbow down on a surface without searing pain. It was very strange, I've had mat burn tons of times, but this last one was the worst. It was big around and must've cut deeper than it appeared.

New ladies are training at the gym now! All 3 that I hoped would sign up when I was writing my last post, did. Woohoo!!!

Off to grab some coffee now before the women's class today. =)

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