Thursday, August 6, 2009

For you, Lateef!

This is for Lateef, who called me out for not writing in a while. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I have been very busy at work this week and have been actually training as well! Woohoo! Okay, so I am still a bit out of shape to be competing next weekend at ADCC Regionals but at least I'm better than when I went into the Sub Only. And after training almost every day for the last week, I am starting to feel a little sharper again.

These kids from Drysdale's are staying with us for the month and they are GOOD! Like seriously legitimately good. They're only 15 and they embarrassed grown adults last weekend at the Copa Nova. They are a good time to roll with and it's nice for some of the more advanced students to go with them (including me). The cool thing about kids is that they have endless energy and they go for broke during every roll...BUT they are super technical and relaxed at the same time. It's awesome.

Tuesday, James came and taught a wrestling seminar. It was great! But since I haven't wrestled in almost 2 weeks, I could already start to feel that I was losing a little of my aggressiveness and technique. The guys loved the seminar so we will probably try to bring him in about every other month or so if we can.

Wednesday was Anthony's class and it was fantastic as always. I was very happy that I was able to work with Brian because he is my favorite training partner! Today was regular nogi, Ryan showed a new take on the guillotine which was super hard for me and Quang (sp?) and a bunch of others to get at first. But once we understood it, it was killer.

Tomorrow I plan to go for a run and lift and stuff because class is canceled for the competition team try-outs. Ryan and Seph are going to make those guys hate themselves. I'm excited to see who makes it through!

Saturday we have the women's class and I am expecting three women to sign up! Then we have our first official Fifty/50 picnic at Andy Ruffner's beast house. Can't wait to party!!!

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