Friday, June 19, 2009

Wrestling Continues and More Girls!


So I skipped wrestling the first week after the Mundials because I was deathly sick and working hard with the new job. Then it turns out the other girls are away for a few weeks at wrestling camp and I was super bummed when I thought I'd miss two more weeks of wrestling. BUT the coach was awesome enough to offer to work with me privately in the interim. Woohoo!

I showed up yesterday and the even though I'd alread done this with Ryan, the first thing we did was rewatch all my matches in the Absolute division - this time specifically for wrestling mistakes. Coach took notes and then we proceeded to begin fixing things for about an hour or so before I had to go to the gym for BJJ practice. Coach was trying to help me with ways to incorporate the wrestling into the gi better which was super cool of him! Mostly we worked on defensive attacks (is that an oxymoron?) and only on things that will work well against a larger stronger opponent. Duck under to the back, duck under to the single leg, arm drag to the single leg, arm drag to the back, low singles, and a couple variations running the pipe. He also added in a couple control techniques on the ground and some "riding the legs" details - known in BJJ as "taking the back".

And he's teaching a clinic tonight to some highschool students in Fairfax and invited me to come watch. He also told me to bring my training gear and he'd try to get me into the clinic. Awesome!

More Girls

We had one new girl join up! Welcome aboard, Kate! Then when I checked the Fifty/50 email the other day, we had emails from two girls who want to come check out the gym! One is supposed to come down tomorrow and the other is going out of the country but wants to come by when she gets back in a few weeks. Both are white belts with some prior training. AND we are getting a new female purple belt who just moved down to the area. (Can't wait til you can make it in, Missy!) My goal is 10 women by the end of the summer! (Cross your fingers)

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  1. lol defensive attacks!
    maybe counter attacks? wrestling is great! used to not care much for it but now i have agood coach and its been fun!
    getting ready for the nogi ibjjf tournaments too ?


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