Saturday, June 20, 2009

I need more creative titles

All I write about are wrestling and the effort to get more women into the program. I need more in my life. Haha!

The wrestling clinic last night was the first session of a three day clinic these kids are going through to get ready for a big tournament. There was one kid about 3lbs smaller than me who I worked with most of the time. They went quickly through a lot of the moves - mostly just trying to get us training hard. It was a little difficult for me to follow along sometimes, so then coach would just have me do techniques we'd been working on instead of what they were doing when it was my turn.

I was a little worried about going into a room of high school boys and how they would react to wrestling with a how seriously they would take it and whether they'd be spastic and super rough to make sure they didn't get beat by a girl, but I had not a single issue. The kids were really good about having me there (although apparently coach gave them a little talk before I showed up - and that may have helped).

Coach says I'm still too hesitant on my attacks so I am sure we will work on that tomorrow. Now I understand more what he means when he talks about wrestling like a wrestler and not like a girl. The guys are much more aggressive and physical. Not in a dangerous way, just in a "I'm going to take your mother-f'ing ass down" kind of way. The girls are all a bit more tentative and not gentle exactly but...just different. Anyways, I have a lot to work on but I think going really helped me see it a little more clearly.

A new woman came in today, she did really well and is also extremely tough. She's around Mary Anne's size (maybe slightly bigger) so she's perfect for her to train with! She's supposed to come back later this week to try another class. Yay! I also had another email from another woman today interested in coming by. It's possible at this rate that in one month we could double the number of women in our program. I'm so excited!!!

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