Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 ADCC Invitee...Ryan Hall!

Yay!! Ryan received his invite for ADCC earlier this week. I'm so happy for him! :) I know he wanted to do the trials but he unfortunately missed both. :( He missed the east coast trials last fall due to a torn thumb ligament that affected his grip and missed the west coast because of an ankle injury that affected his ability to train hard in preparation for (and to make the new day of weight requirement since he couldn't run either) the tournament. And he wasn't sure if missing the trials would preclude him from being able to attend this year. (Huge sigh of relief!) I can't wait to see how he does two years later, one rank higher, and possessing much better competition and training experience under his belt!

Ryan leaves mid-way through next week for a Mundial training camp in San Francisco with Felipe Costa, Caio Terra, and others. And he already has plans for an ADCC training camp in August-September with some of the best. Good luck, Ryan! :)

And good luck to the other Fifty/50 competitors heading out to the Mundial this year: Seph Smith, Ostap Manastyrski, Kenny Savercool, and Megan Lomonof! (Wish I was going with you all!)

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