Friday, December 17, 2010

Back on the mat 6 weeks post op - well kinda

So we had 2 new women sign up recently and one had some prior BJJ and MMA experience. Both fit in with our "normal-sized" ladies and we had another come in this week with experience and she fits with our midgets. It's pretty cool how it works out to have multiple new ladies coming in at various weight classes. Plus all 3 of the new ladies are tough as nails!

We still aren't regularly getting more than 5-7 ladies in the same class, but if they keep adding on, I believe it will only be a matter of time until we have 20 women all in one class.

Also, the best news ever!

I "rolled" with Ryan twice the other day and today I got in three "rolls" before stopping to rest. Okay, okay, I say "roll" but a more accurate description might be..."moving around in a way that slightly resembles jiu-jitsu with a resisting opponent who only resists in certain situations except that I can't roll on my shoulder, let them put weight on my shoulder, or post with my left arm or base on it or let it extend or frame with it in any way". I'm drilling with the basics class although I don't let anyone drill on me yet (I work in a group of 3), and I can't do all the movements so I have to adjust the technique BUT AT LEAST I'M ON THE MAT! For the next 2 weeks until my hip surgery anyway.

I can't tell you how good it feels to expend a little of my pent up energy. I'm pretty sure I'll be actually ready to kill people by the time I get back out after 8 months off competition and probably 7 months of not sparring hard. I can already tell that the aggression from so much sedentariness will build up and come out in my first competition back, which should be the World Championships so that will probably work out perfectly for me because I'll need the aggression to combat the residual effects of not training for 7 months and a recovering hip and shoulder. :)

Today is a good day! :)

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