Monday, November 8, 2010

Women's NoGi Worlds Results and my new website!

So, I was waiting to tell people about my website until it was 100% complete, but it's taking forever to confirm all the bios for all the historically important female black belts, so I'm giving up and taking the plunge...well, okay, so I'm just sticking my toes in and only announcing it here.

Please be patient with some of the pages still being updated, but check out my new resource for female grapplers, Grappling Girls Guild.

On my site I posted a quick write-up on the women's Brown/Black Divisions at the NoGi Worlds. Here

Please feel free to post here or email me with comments! :)


  1. Cool - always good to see more resources from women in BJJ out there.

    I was thinking when reading the page on female black belts that it would be nice to include the dates they received it, and maybe who they got it from? Though that isn't always easy to dig out (as per Seymour's great post from a while back).

  2. Thank you for the write up! Also, the GGG looks really cool.

  3. You forgot Sharon Bonewicz for north american black belts - USA.

  4. Elyse,

    Thanks for the comment. Note that the list of black belts is pretty small (even for Brazil where there are many many more female black belts today). This is because the list is not meant to be all-encompassing but rather a list of noteworthy black belts for either their early rise to the rank paving the way for others or for those who were the "first" to accomplish certain competitive successes. Eventually, there will be a short bio listed for each of them with their competitive accomplishments included, but I'm waiting on the ladies to send me their edits before I post them.

    If there is something I'm missing, I am willing to accept submission requests if bios and IBJJF/ADCC accomplishments are sent my way.

  5. @Slideyfoot - I'm adding dates where I've been able to get them from the women on the lists. Thanks!

    Thanks to all of you for checking it out and providing feedback, it's definitely still in progress so I appreciate all the comments. Although, I want it to be extremely useful, I also want to keep the site from expanding too much and losing focus.


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