Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lottsa' Ladies!

Twice this week we had 6 women on the mat (normally we don't have more than 2-3 on the mat at any given time). Hells yeah!

Then yesterday I talked one of the purple belts' wives to come in and try it out so she can learn how to respond when her husband practices his techniques on her, lol! Her first class will be next Sunday. And last night while watching the UFC fight at Baileys, I met two more women who are friends of a couple of the guys who want to come in and check out class. One of them grew up doing Judo for years since her Dad and Mom owned their own Judo dojo and both trained, so she'd be a really great addition.

Finally, today Shanna finally came back in to train. I used to love training with her before she took like 6 months off (she was close to getting her blue belt then too). Seph and Bill live with her and say they're going to start making her come in every day with them.

Alright! Bring it on chicas!

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  1. Hey Jen, how are you? My wife is encouraging me to start a women's only BJJ/Self defense class and I was wondering if you could offer any ideas that you think would be helpful and encouraging for women to join? Oh and by the way I live in Sydney, Australia so I am no threat competition wise! :-)
    Kind Regards


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