Friday, November 13, 2009


Haven't really felt much like doing anything this week - especially write on my blog.

I woke up Sunday morning with ringworm and woke up Monday morning sick as all hell - double whammy. I went to work Monday but was barely productive. Then I took Tuesday morning off work to go to the dermatologist to get prescription meds for the ringworm (totally worth it) and then went home and slept for 6 hours - through the rest of the work day. Veterans Day I spent time hanging out with Ryan and at the gym wishing I could train - but not really even feeling up to it, I just hate being there and not training.

We had another new girl come in this week which is pretty awesome. And now we have plans for a pretty spectacular BJJ chick to visit next year. I can't wait to train but am likely to have to wait a minimum of 3 - maybe still as many as 7 more days. Stupid dirty fungus. Stupid.

Anthony has his first superfight this weekend at a tournament in West Virginia so Ryan went out to coach him. Ryan will likely end up competing as well. Good luck to them both!


  1. Is ringworm from the Gym? Just looked it up. I am pretty picky about rolling with anyone whose skin looks patchy. Not keen on that aspect of BJJ.

  2. Ringworm is actually a fungus and is the same thing as athlete's foot and jock itch. It is usually treated with over the counter medication - but can go away faster with a prescription.

    If you are weirded out by skin issues, BJJ is probably not a good sport for you because pretty much every person I've ever known to train has had it at one point or another. It's commonly picked up in health clubs, gyms and in hotels actually.

    Our mats are probably cleaned more frequently than any other similar gym. We clean them at least twice a day every day during the week.


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