Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lots of BJJ this week

Well, I lost my job on Monday and I still can't decide if I'm upset or not because I've hated it there for about the last year. Personality clashes and a differing values system caused constant battles with my new boss. Some people simply weren't meant to be leaders. It's truly unfortunate that despite this fact, they are often put into positions of leadership due to superior butt-kissing skills instead of due to their desire to produce a quality product and work towards a positive end goal. Instead, they worry about the perception of whether or not they are succeeding because in their mind all that matters is what will propel them toward future advancement, and not what is inherently right. I am trying not to stress too much yet as I have other options popping up from individuals who worked closely with me for the last 4 years and knew that I was in fact working my ass off and producing quality products.

The most positive take-away is the vacation that I haven't taken in 4 years has arrived free of charge this week! And it's even better since I don't have to stress about what work isn't getting done (due to a refusal to provide repeatedly requested/adequate resources) for the first time in as long. After working 50-60 hours a week (underpaid for 40 of them not paid for the other 10-20) for the last two months straight (and extremely frequently prior to that for 4 yrs), I can finally breathe. AND I can do as much Jiu-Jitsu as I can squeeze in for the short-term!!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Today we had visitors from Richmond and elsewhere in the gym (2 black belts, 3 brown belts, 1 purple belt, and 4 blue belts on the mat!) and I got to roll with a blue belt guy exactly my size!! (And I didn't even know guys my size EXISTED! Lol!) And that was just for fun. 

Tonight I attended the regular night class and got to train with newly promoted blue belt, Anthony Cincotta! Congrats again, Anthony! (He went through a serious gauntlet last night) Anthony is super fun to roll with even though he's much bigger (about 50lbs bigger), because he trains really hard, puts pressure down and really rolls through positions with me (and subbing me) without me ever having to worry about him spazzing out or injuring me (other than accidental knees to the head or crotch or something normal like that during transitions).

Tomorrow we head down to Richmond to train with Andrew Smith and the crew again! Woohoo!!! I love this life! It's going to be hard to go back to the real world  :)

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  1. take advantage of the time off and relax and train (i know youre doing that anyway) money comes and goes, youll always be able to get another job. you cant put a price on being happy and laying around and training all day


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