Saturday, January 31, 2009

School Growing

Currently we have around 40 students (not bad for only being open only a month). And we have new interested people stopping in almost every day! 

But of course the most exciting thing today for me is that our second BRAND new female to BJJ started today. We have three white belts from before and myself, but this makes the second to sign up solely for the women's class! It doesn't sound like many but it's exciting all the same. PLUS both her and the other new female are picking the movements up very quickly.

Tonight we have space reserved at a local bar that always shows the UFC. The GSP v Penn fight should pull in a huge crowd and we have flyers standing on every table in the bar. AND the bar is in the same mall as our gym AND they expect 500-700 people tonight! Woohoo!

Time to go get ready for fights!

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