Thursday, June 4, 2009

Arrived in LA

We finished our move on Monday, worked our butt's off all day then I had another swim lesson and followed it up with my last hard training class.

Tuesday my body hurt too much to train, so I took the day off. This morning after a few minutes sitting beside the pool, Ryan took me to the airport (he was on a flight arriving much later with Seph).

No complications on the plane, made my connection in Minneapolis with plenty of time. Halfway through the flight I realized that the man sitting in front of me with his wife and two kids was my brother's best friend from high school. He used to hang out at our house all the time and painted our basement once upon a time. I ended up going back to his house in Santa Monica with him and chilling there with him and his wife for a bit before he drove me to my hotel in Long Beach.

Ryan and Seph just showed up (after a two hour delay on their flight).

Other than feeling a little fat from all the food I've eaten the past few days, I feel pretty good. Turns out my body is actually recovering from the tiredness and overuse. Not bad.

Time to sleep and get ready for the morning!!

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