Sunday, May 17, 2009

Forced break leads to feeling better

Sooo my shoulder popped (the "good" one) on Friday during the day class. Man was I pissed! I got caught in a weird position with one of the guys, I KNEW it was about to be bad and tried to give a couple preemptory taps. Unfortunately, he was so set on yanking my shoulder that he didn't notice the first like 5 taps. Pop! About 5 more taps and a yelp later and he finally noticed and released his hold.

Honestly, it wasn't as much the pain as the complete and utter TERROR that he had torn my "good" shoulder 3 weeks before the Mundial that upset me. I was almost in tears as I was trying to figure out if it was seriously hurt or not. I recommenced sparring with him and then two others following that match, protecting the shoulder the whole time. But I could practically FEEL it swelling up. I took a TON of Advil (perhaps more than a 112lb person should) on Friday and Saturday and two days off training and although it still feels a little stiff and weak in specific movements, it is doing much better today. Thank God! I'm not sure if I was more worried about missing Mundials or having to go through surgery again, but it seems that fear has passed slightly.

So it held up through wrestling practice...which, by the way, went much better today than Thursday. Perhaps the forced break came at the right time, my body was exhausted. We are incorporating more and more resistance into the drilling which is good for me. I'm beginning to almost feel like a wrestler...almost. I still get a little kick out of it every time I tie on my hand-me-down wrestling shoes. I think it helps that I genuinely like the girls and the coach. When everyone in the room has a great attitude, it makes it easier to learn and train hard.

Random topic time!

Random Topic #1. One of my old friends from Capital JJ came in to visit yesterday. He says he wants to sign up with us after a long break from BJJ. I hope he follows through, we have some great guys his size who could use more training partners and he is a really fun person to have around. Our gym is full of characters and I think it would be great to throw him into the mix!

Random Topic #2. I dropped Ryan off at the airport at the butt crack of dawn on Saturday morning and almost miss him already (about 2 days is what it usually takes, haha). He is training with Paul Schreiner all week in Santa Cruz and then competing at the ADCC West Coast Trials next weekend. Good luck, Ry!!!

Random Topic #3:Hollie and Mary Ann are looking SHARP! It's so exciting to see how much progress they've made in such a short amount of time! Yay! Great job, ladies!!!

Random Topic #4: I am almost finished creating a promotional video for the women's class and am working with Sport & Health to set up a table in the "lobby" and run a promotional event and show the video later this week or next week. Can't wait!

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  1. if you ever need help with video stuff for the gym dont hesitate to ask me, my degree has to get used for something

    i actually came up with an idea for a funny web commercial too


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