Sunday, August 30, 2009

Upcoming events at Fifty/50 and more

Last night about 15 or so ladies and gents from the team (I love being able to say LADIES) met up at Bailey's in Arlington for the UFC. I'm disappointed about Demian's match but there were a lot of good fights last night and Randy and Noguiera (sp?) definitely stole the show. Randy gets crazy props for stepping in there and giving it what he did at his age - he'd smash most of the guys out there today still, but Noguiera is a damn good all around fighter and clearly won all 3 rounds with more than one near submission and a couple close knockouts. I'm happy to see his old self show back up and I hope to see him get a couple more good fights before he turns it in.

Paul Schreiner will be back at Fifty/50 for a seminar this Monday night and I am so excited because I was deathly ill last time he was here after Worlds and I missed all the cool stuff he taught.

Then Val Worthington is coming out from Cali as well to teach a seminar on Sept 21! Yay for awesome female grapplers giving seminars!

AND we have 8 women training right now and are expecting maybe up to 3 more soon, some of who have trained before like one of the last ladies who joined. Woohoo!!!! (We need to ramp up our numbers because 2 of our ladies recently moved out of the area.) We hope to add a night class for the ladies soon. (Fingers crossed!)

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